16/06/2021 08:43 BST

Jimmy Kimmel Spots The Saddest Part Of Trump's 75th Birthday Party

The late-night host said Trump's celebration was marred by one notable absence.

Donald Trump celebrated his 75th birthday this week and comedian Jimmy Kimmel spotted something unusual in the footage of the muted celebration that was posted online. 

Several people were seen singing Happy Birthday to the former president, who smiled and pointed at them in the video. 

“Aww, look at that. What a party, all the best people were there,” Kimmel cracked. “Although I couldn’t help but notice: His wife wasn’t. His 75th birthday, this is a big birthday. Where’s Melania?” 

It’s not clear where she was.

“Even though Melania is usually near her husband in some capacity, she keeps her own schedule and leads her own life,” an unnamed source told People magazine

Kimmel offered up his own theory: