JK Rowling Reveals The ‘Harry Potter’ Question She’s Asked Most (And Then Answers It)

Problem solved.

JK Rowling may have finished writing the ‘Harry Potter’ series nine years ago, but devoted fans’ questions about tiny plot details haven’t slowed down over the years.

Now - as something of an early Christmas present to ‘Potter’ devotees - the author has revealed the question she gets asked the most, before finally giving a definitive answer.

<strong>JK Rowling</strong>
JK Rowling
Neil Hall / Reuters

To those who aren’t fully versed on the wizarding world this may seem a bit nice, but the author explains that she gets asked it at least once a week.

And the answer? Here you go:

Mystery solved.

<strong>And here's the Basilisk in question</strong>
And here's the Basilisk in question
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While it’s been almost a decade since Rowling put down her pen on the original series, she has returned to Harry’s world with the play ‘Harry Potter And The Cursed Child’ selling out since opening in the West End earlier this year.

The first of five ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ films is also currently in cinemas, and the author is penning the screenplays for all of them.

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