Jo Cox Murder: Rival MPs Could Sit Together In House Of Commons In Tribute To Fallen MP

'MPs of all parties are united in grief and admiration for Jo'.

MPs could make an unprecedented gesture when they gather to pay tribute to Jo Cox on Monday.

Conservative Jason McCartney has written to speak John Bercow requesting that backbenchers sit together regardless of party, rather than across the aisle from each other as usual.

In his letter, McCartney wrote: "MPs of all parties are united in grief and admiration for Jo... Would it please be possible and break with tradition and for MPs to mix cross party on the benches on Monday to show we are united in fighting hatred."

As an MP, Cox did not let party rivalry obstruct her efforts. She befriended Andrew Mitchell, the Tory MP and former International Development Secretary, and they fought to draw attention to the plight of Syrians.

McCartney's request won support from MPs of other parties, including Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, on Twitter.

Farron said: "Symbolism matters. I hope we can do this on Monday to show we all stand united against hate."

Stewart McDonald, from the SNP, tweeted: "The front benches are 2 sword lengths apart but our battle now consists of ideas, not weapons."

In the wake of Cox's death, #ThankYourMP trended on Twitter, as people reminded themselves of the challenges and dangers politicians faced for doing what they do.

Speaking on Sky News on Friday, McCartney, whose constituency is near Cox's, said he was in "utter shock" at her death.

He said: "Jo had so much energy and infectious enthusiasm and a passion... I can hardly believe she was only an MP for a year. She did so much in that time."

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