17/11/2016 11:59 GMT | Updated 17/02/2017 16:14 GMT

The Body Coach Joe Wicks Hints At Vegetarian Cookbook

'It's time to give veggies a bit of love.'

Joe Wicks, aka The Body Coach, has hinted at the possibility of releasing a vegetarian cookbook.

In an interview with AOL Build Series London to promote the release of his third book ‘The Sustain Plan’, the 30-year-old revealed: “It’s time to give veggies a bit of love.”

Wicks, who is the UK’s best-selling author of 2016, has released three cookbooks to date and is on a mission to get the UK eating healthily.

Through 15-minute meals and HIIT workouts (High Intensity Interval Training), Wicks has tailored an accessible and easy-to-follow healthy living plan that fits with busy modern life. 

But with millions of meat-eating fans around the world, Wicks has set his sights on vegetarians. 

“There’s definitely a potential [for a vegetarian book], I’ve got an eight book deal and I need to offer something a little bit different each time,” he revealed, when asked whether a veggie cookbook was on the cards. “It’s time to give veggies a bit of love.” 

Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, being interviewed on AOL Build Series London

While his three published books do offer veggie options - or while recipes can be tweaked to fit a veggie diet - Wicks does not currently cater specifically to non-meat eaters.

His fans were delighted at the announcement.

“Yes, Veggie book would be great!!” wrote on user.

“Woo hoo. A veggie book. At last feeling the ❤” said another.

When quizzed whether a vegan book was on the cards, he replied: “Nah, vegans are hard work. I’ll do veggie. Give me a break.”

AOL Build
Joe Wicks following his interview on AOL Build Series London

Wicks also revealed what his ultimate cheat meal would be. Speaking about a recent three-day ‘blow out’, the fitness guru revealed his favourite meal would include a burger, truffle and parmesan fries, macaroni cheese and a chocolate ice cream sundae.

But the binge left him feeling “sluggish”, “irritable” and tired, so he’s keen to get back on track.

He said that his fans really like him showing that despite his dedication, he too has moments when he lets things slip. “A lot of people may not say they’ve had a binge or a drink, but I’m just being realistic.”

‘Lean In 15: The Sustain Plan’ is out now

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