John Legend Says Critics Of Chrissy Teigen Should Be Fair: 'There's No Dad Shaming, Shame Both Of Us'

Where is the 'dad shaming?'

John Legend is so fed up of people criticising his wife Chrissy Teigen about her parenting skills that he's asked people to "shame" him too.

The new dad, who welcomed his daughter Luna with Teigen in April 2016, was referring to the nasty comments his wife received when the couple went out for dinner without their daughter.

Tweeting to his 7.8 million followers, Legend wrote: "Funny there's no dad-shaming.

"When both of us go out to dinner, shame both of us so Chrissy doesn't have to take it all.

"We'll split it."

Legend's tweet was met with praise. It received more than 5,000 retweets and 17,000 likes in one day.

While fans agreed with what the new dad was saying, many also argued there should be no shaming at all.

Teigen shared the comments she received on Twitter when she and Legend went out for dinner a week after she had given birth.

“I went to dinner. People are pissed. Good morning!” she tweeted alongside the snaps on 24 April.

“That spotlight pull be strong. One week. Who wants to leave a one-week-old baby to go to a bar?” one person commented.

Another wrote: "Wow, who do you really trust with your one-week old baby? Ain’t nothing that important that you have to go out."

The new mum was also criticised days after giving birth when she posted the first photo of herself and her daughter Luna.

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