John Oliver On 'Last Week Tonight': 'Obviously Donald Trump Incites Violence'

This week it's an important point about his Nuremberg-esque rallies.

Two weeks ago, 'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver broke his silence on Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, and we thought he was only going to treat us to one spectacularly brutal takedown of America's only racist oompa loompa.

But, luckily for us, that incredible first feature opened up the floodgates and John Oliver just can't stop himself from ridiculing Trump at any opportunity.

This time, it's fresh from yet another brawl at one of Donald's rallies - and Trump even claims he doesn't incite violence. We'll see about that.

Despite violence breaking out at many of Trump's events, he seems certain that he isn't the root cause of it. But John Oliver isn't afraid to dig up some of the many times Donald condoned such actions.

During speeches the billionaire has come out with such gems as "knock the crap out of them," and "I'd like to punch him in the face!"

As John Oliver exquisitely puts it: "Donald Trump is one flaming guitar player away from turning his campaign into Fury fucking Road."

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