John Oliver's Trump Update At Emmys Leads To Literal Mic-Drop Moment

The host of Last Week Tonight didn't get to savor his Emmy win for very long.

John Oliver and his Last Week Tonight team won the Emmy for Outstanding Scripted Variety Series on Monday night, but his elation didn’t last very long.

Oliver learned backstage during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that former President Donald Trump had just won the Iowa caucuses in his pursuit of the GOP nomination for the White House.

“Thanks very much for taking this magical moment and reminding me that joy is ephemeral, pain is forever,” Oliver said to ET’s Nischelle Turner, adding sarcastically: “I’m glad I heard it first on ET.”

His snark didn’t end there.

“Congratulations to Donald,” he said. “This is going to be a fun year.”

Then, he theatrically dropped his mic in resignation.


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