John Travolta Has Embraced His Baldness, And We Are Here For It*

Bald really is beautiful.

John Travolta has experimented with a variety of different hair dos (and don’ts) over the years, but we have to say, his latest look is our favourite yet.

Yep, in news that will send shockwaves around the wig industry, the ‘Pulp Fiction’ star has embraced his baldness.

Let’s remind ourselves of some of the styles the movie icon has served over the years.

We had the Seventies Shag...


Well he looks like he’s enjoying it anyway.

Then there was the... actually WTF is this?


Not even those baby blues can distract us from what’s going on up top.

There was the always ill-advised Mullet...


Look, if John can’t pull it off, nobody can, ok?

Remember the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ era? One word: high (his hair, that is).


Or as the Bee Gees would’ve put it: Hi-hi-hi-high.

And the 50′s quiff he sported in ‘Grease’ was coiffed perfection...



He even went all regular Joe with a classic Short, Back and Sides...


But it appears all of that New Year, New You stuff has had quite the impact on John, because after years of wearing wigs and hair pieces (and fooling precisely no one), he’s finally embraced his baldness...

The 64-year-old star shared this snap of him sans wig pictured on New Years Eve with daughter Ella on Instagram, and doesn’t he look great?

John, we think it’s one of your best looks yet. And we’re not the only ones...

Don’t go changing John.

*This opinion is in no way, shape or form influenced by the author’s own lack of hair.

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