11/04/2020 19:38 BST

Labour's Jon Ashworth Becomes Latest Victim Of Live TV Interview Child Invaders

Some much-needed light relief.

BBC News
Jonathan Ashworth was interrupted by his daughter during an interview on Saturday morning.

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“I’m like that academic from Korea*.”

And thus, Labour MP Jon Ashworth became the latest to fall victim to the scourge of the invading child on live TV.

The shadow home secretary was being interviewed on BBC News on Saturday morning when his daughters evidently decided they’d not had enough attention.

Cue embarrassed laughter and an interview cut short.

Ashworth was of course referring to the now-legendary incident from 2017 when Robert Kelly had been invited on to discuss the South Korean president’s impeachment, but his two children stole focus as they toddled into shot.

*It was South Korea, but given the interruption we’ll let him off.