jonathan ashworth

Shadow work and pensions secretary unveils a raft of proposals to overhaul welfare system which "too often... disincentivises work".
"I see it in people’s faces, I feel it in their handshakes – there is a yearning for change."
Jonathan Ashworth says the system has become too focused on punishing people rather than finding them the best job.
One usually sympathetic newspaper warned Sunak to fix the cost of living crisis or risk losing the next election.
Jonathan Ashworth said long waiting lists were pushing people into the private sector to get treatment.
One expert has warned they could be a "nightmare" to put into law.
Prime minister's aide refuses to issue apology or correct the record after false claim in the Commons.
Social media companies should be held to account for spread of disinformation and conspiracy theories, party argues.
“They are paying these consultants the weekly equivalent of what a nurse earns in a year," one MP said in reaction.
Jonathan Ashworth says Tory ministers' constituencies spared restrictions despite some having higher infection rates.