Jonathan Pie Tears Into Theresa May And The Tories

While attention was turned Stateside...

Political satirist Jonathan Pie is back, riding the wave created by his incredible and blunt dissection of the liberal elite in the wake of Donald Trump’s Presidential victory.

This time he has once again turned his attention to domestic issues with a brutal takedown of everything the Tories got up to while everyone was glancing Stateside.

Pie - real name Tom Walker - accuses Theresa May of having no plan for Brexit, praises Jeremy Corbyn’s PMQs performance against her and also has a pop at The Sun.

He says: “While the rest of the world was watching a half-human, half-apricot on the road to the White House, Theresa May was smuggling through one her most insidious policies yet.

“This benefit cap thing, she may as well save herself the bother and turf thousands of families out on the streets.

“I suppose May thinks this will encourage people to find work because all poor people are lazy proles aren’t they.”

And in continues in much the same vein.

Unions accused the government of “chilling callousness” over the tougher new benefit cap that came into force just months after Theresa May promised to give everyone “the chance to be all they want to be”.

The GMB on Monday said the prime minister had unleashed a “monstrous” assault on struggling families that will “shatter the life chances” of the poorest children.

The annual limit on welfare payments to unemployed households drops from £26,000 to £20,000 everywhere outside Greater London. In Greater London the new cap is set at £23,000 for families and £15,410 for single people without children, which falls to £13,400 across the UK.

If you’re not familiar with Pie and his work be sure to check out his Facebook page where he’s covered all of the seismic political events of the year in a way only he can.

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