25/10/2016 13:45 BST | Updated 26/10/2016 13:35 BST

'Strictly Come Dancing' Contestant Judge Rinder Claims Unfair Disadvantage

Judge Rinder wants to get as far as Blackpool with partner Oksana Platero.

Judge Rinder believes he is the only ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ contestant left in this year’s competition with a major disadvantage.

The TV legal eagle points out in next week’s Radio Times that he is the only remaining contestant with “a day job”, following the departure of Melvin Odoom, Tameka Empson and Naga Munchetty.

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He says: “The problem is, Melvin, Tameka and Naga, who all had day jobs, have gone. There’s definitely something in that.

“I’m filming Judge Rinder a couple of days a week now and I’m one of the only ones left with such a big commitment. There just aren’t enough hours.”

The TV judge is hoping he and partner Oksana will make it to Blackpool

Judge Rinder is dancing with partner Oksana Platero, and he’s faced plenty of stick from the judges, not least for his over-zealous facial expressions, something he’s thinking about as the contest hots up:

“I never thought I’d say this, but Craig Revel Horwood is right. He wants me to tone down my facial expressions; the thing is, they’re really not contrived. I don’t practise them in the mirror. They have emerged as part of me and I have no control over them.

“To be fair, you try keeping a straight face wearing Lederhosen and dancing to Boom Bang-a-Bang with a plastic cow! Frankly, that song ought to be banned under the Human Rights Act – listening to it on repeat was a cruel and unusual punishment.“

The TV Judge - real name Robert Rinder - previously revealed he will be eyeing up further TV opportunities following his stint on ‘Strictly’, although he still cares what his colleagues at the Bar think of his Saturday night exploits. 

“I had a slight reservation before I started the show about how my colleagues in the law would react to seeing me covered in fake tan and sequins – or indeed, dressed as a Flintstone patting (dancing partner) Oksana’s bottom like a bongo.

“But Strictly’s so well loved, I knew they’d view it in the spirit it’s intended.” 



You can read the full interview with Judge Rinder in next week’s Radio Times, on sale today.