28/02/2019 08:33 GMT | Updated 28/02/2019 08:44 GMT

Judge Rules Sick Baby Should Be Given A Chance At Life Against Parents Wishes

The 13-month-old was born with kidney failure.

A baby born with kidney failure should be treated by doctors and given a chance at life – against her parents wishes, a High Court judge has ruled.

Mr Justice Hayden was told that the 13-month-old infant, who is being treated at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, had survived against the odds.

Specialists say hemodialysis, a process which cleans the blood and carried risks, is her only chance for ongoing survival and worth trying.

But the girl’s parents are against the idea and say her fate should be left in the hands of God, the Manchester Evening News reported.

“She has been fighting death since she was born,” the girl’s mother told the judge.

“We are not in support.

“She has gone through a lot,” she said.

The parents believe only in the power of prayer, the judge said.

On Wednesday, he gave specialists permission to try hemodialysis after looking at evidence at a High Court hearing.

He called the little girl a “fighter”, adding she had earned “her chance” and that hemodialysis would be in her best interests.

The girl cannot be identified.

Mr Justice Hayden was told that the couple had mental health issues. He said he respected their views.