Disease and Medical Conditions

World Health Organisation says report should be "wake-up call" for politicians.
This unique campaign is raising a million pounds for cancer research by encouraging people to get on their wellies, go outside and jump in a puddle. With nearly 40k so far, the founder wants anyone and everyone to get outside and have a go.
The "game-changer" Galleri blood test may be able to spot more than 50 types of cancer years before diagnosis.
Lucy Pasha-Robinson chats with comedian and cervical cancer awareness activist Karen Hobbs. In this episode, we’re doing things slightly differently – we’re talking about cancer, which is often seen as an acute condition. But as this week’s guest explains, in many ways its effects can be chronic – from living with life-altering sensations, surgery complications, and the long term psychological impact of facing up to your mortality – including learning to cope with a fear of recurrence.
Doctors not involved in treating the president said the fact that he is on the steroid dexamethasone means his coronavirus infection is severe.
Here's what we know about the president's health.
One man reveals how a misdiagnosis he received as a boy means he is now "living a death sentence", as the contaminated blood inquiry reopens.
Scientists are learning more about the Sars-CoV-2 virus with each day – including its potential short and long term impact on other infectious diseases.
The lack of representation of Black and brown skin in clinical teaching means doctors could be misdiagnosing or missing symptoms of serious health conditions.
With a licensed vaccine still months away, here are the drugs currently being trialled with coronavirus patients in the UK.