Graphic Images Show Woman's Horrendous Burns After Running 69 Miles In Sun

'Utterly devastated.'

Warning: contains graphic images of a medical nature.

A woman has shared shocking photos of her extreme sunburn in the hope it will encourage others to regularly apply sunscreen.

Julie Nisbet ran 69 miles in 21 hours but didn’t top up her sun cream.

She later shared photos of her legs, which were burnt and severely blistered from the sun. (In fact, they were so burnt she had to have them bandaged in intensive care.)

Nisbet has since revealed that her legs are healing, however her photos are a stark reminder of why it’s so important to regularly apply sun cream when out in the sunshine, especially with the summer holidays just around the corner.

Shortly after her run, Nisbet showed off red, agonising burns on her legs accompanied by the formation of small, yellow blisters.

It gets worse though - so much worse. After a day her calves were covered in huge, yellow blisters which had to be drained in hospital.

Nisbet tweeted a link to an article about giant hogweed, suggesting her burns could’ve also been caused by that.

Giant hogweed is a plant, also known as Cow Parsnip, which is found along most rivers and canals.

The plant’s sap contains toxic chemicals which are known as furanocoumarins.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society, when these chemicals come into contact with skin and are exposed to sunlight, a reaction occurs called phytophotodermatitis. This usually results in reddening of the skin which is often followed by severe blistering and burns.

On 27 June, Nisbet took a photo of her legs and let her followers know she was finally on the mend.

We wish her a speedy recovery.