Rates of melanoma are on the rise in the UK – yet experts believe nine in 10 cases could be prevented if people protected their skin with a high factor sun cream.
I cringe when I look back to my teenage years lying in the sun with oil slathered all over me so my skin can burn a deep, deep brown
Summer holidays are special! They are a great chance to spend some quality time with the kids away from the distractions of school and nursery. Sometimes kids play results in unavoidable bumps and scrapes and that is part of growing up. However, having the knowledge to know what to do in a medical emergency can make all the difference in confidently judging when an accident is serious and requires medical intervention.
We wish her a speedy recovery.  Nisbet tweeted a link to an article about giant hogweed, suggesting her burns could’ve also
British summer time can be disappointing but the forecasters are predicting a heatwave this August - with tropical temperatures on the way!
When you use spray suncream you still have to rub it in, as one family found out the hard way. A photo of the five family
Most people think they know about sun protection but there are myths and we receive questions on a near daily basis from different brand loyal consumers who want to better understand the implications of poor sun protection.
If you caught a little too much sun this summer then fear not, even the most sunscreen-savvy among us can get sunburnt every