Justin Bieber Reflects On Past Troubles: 'Ego And Power Took Over And My Relationships Suffered'

The chart-topping singer has looked back at difficult times in his personal life in a candid Instagram post.

Justin Bieber has reflected on the personal difficulties he faced early in his career, saying his “relationships suffered” as a result of allowing his “values” to change.

The singer rose to global fame as a teenager, with songs like One Time, One Less Lonely Girl and Baby, but as his popularity grew, he began making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In a statement posted on Instagram, Justin wrote: “[Growing up] I didn’t have material things and was never motivated by money or fame I just loved music.

“But as I became a teenager I let my insecurities and frustrations dictate what I put my value in. My values slowly started to change. I let ego and power take over and my relationships suffered because of it.”

He continued: “I truly desire healthy relationships. I want to be motivated by truth and love. I want to be aware of my blind spots and learn from them!

“I want to walk in the plans God has for me and not try and do it on my own!”

Justin – who was baptised in the Hillsong Church in 2014 – added: “I want to give up my selfish desires daily so I can be a good husband and future dad!

“I’m grateful that I can walk with Jesus as he leads the way.”

During the early years of his celebrity status, the star dated fellow singer Selena Gomez, who last year said she endured “emotional abuse” during their relationship.

Justin married his wife Hailey in 2018, and in his first interview since tying the knot, he addressed his past addiction to drugs, as well as a “problem with sex”, for the first time.

He later spoke about a dark period of “heavy drug use” and “disrespecting women”, commenting: “Have you ever noticed the statistics of child stars and the outcome of their life? There is an insane pressure and responsibility put on a child whose brain, emotions, frontal lobes (decision making) aren’t developed yet.

“No rationality, defiant, rebellious, things all of us have to go through. But when you add the pressure of stardom it does something to you that is quite unexplainable.”


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