26/09/2017 11:58 BST

Justin Trudeau Trolls Canadians Who Mistook His Photographer For Prince Harry

Because all bearded gingers look the same *eyeroll*

Justin Trudeau trolled Canadians who thought his red-haired-and-bearded photographer Adam Scotti was Prince Harry.

As the Canadian Prime Minister and Scotti were leaving a hotel, fans hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal, who is in Toronto for the Invictus Games, began shouting at Scotti in excitement.

Trudeau egged them on by pointing and putting his hand over his mouth in shock, while his photographer waved at the crowd before the realisation eventually sunk in that he was, in fact, just another ginger bearded man.

It’s clearly not the first time Trudeau has made the comparison between the pair, as this photo, which was apparently insisted on by the PM, shows.

Scotti seems to be enjoying his new found fame.

However not everyone is in agreement that the two are such look-a-likes.