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Friends co-star Maggie Wheeler, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and singer Adele are among those who have remembered Matthew.
As the Canadian PM surmised, it was a "deeply embarrassing" moment.
Trudeau said that he and Grégoire Trudeau, who have been married 18 years, made the decision "after many meaningful and difficult conversations".
It come after he went head to head with a "pro-life" member of the public.
Canadian PM received a firm telling off from the Chinese president at the G20 talks over "media leaks".
The queen met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at Windsor Castle.
The Canadian prime minister had to think long and hard when asked about US president Donald Trump and recent tactics used against protesters.
People are split on the significance of the Canadian prime minister's delayed response.
The UK and Canada both extend their lockdowns and British government officials say they will not extend the Brexit transition. President Trump has backed down from his claims of authority over individual states and announced a three point plan to reopening the country - as a record 22 million people applied for unemployment.
US President Trump halted funding for the World Health Organisation saying he wants to investigate their handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Canada has extended its lockdown with prime minister Justin Trudeau encouraging people to be disciplined. New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Arden and cabinet ministers will take a 20% pay cut in a move of solidarity with the people of New Zealand affected by coronavirus. And toy maker LEGO has modified their machines to manufacture personal protective equipment for frontlines workers.