Justin Trudeau Goes Viral For Saying What We All Wanted To Hear About Abortion Rights

It come after he went head to head with a "pro-life" member of the public.
 Justin Trudeau, Canadian PM, tried to justify his position about abortion rights
Justin Trudeau, Canadian PM, tried to justify his position about abortion rights
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Justin Trudeau has gone viral for making the Canadian government’s stance on abortion rights clear in a second online video.

In mid-April, the Canadian prime minister went viral after clashing with a pro-life member of the public in what appears to be an unrehearsed debate.

Referring back to the clip in a more scripted moment – delivered straight to camera – Trudeau revealed on Sunday that he was talking about the issue again because he wanted to make it very transparent where his government stood on this topic.

He explained that, after some supporters said he had not been clear enough, he wanted “take a moment right now to emphasise that our government will always stand up and take action to protect access to reproductive health services”.

Trudeau noted that the country has increased access to the abortion pill which helps those in more rural areas, and that they’re working to increase access to safe and inclusive reproductive services, too.

He also pointed out that Liberal MPs in his own party voted down bills which would restrict abortion access which Canada’s Conservative MPs tried to pass into law back in 2021.

Trudeau explained: “With attacks on reproductive rights around the world, it’s really important that we not take things for granted; that we continue to stand up unequivocally.”

Reproductive rights are centre-stage all over the world right now following the US’s decision to overturn legislation to make abortion available to every woman in the States. Abortion pills are also at risk of being restricted across the States.

The clip continued: “Let me be very clear. This government will never tell a woman what to do with her body.

“We are unequivocally and proudly pro-choice and always will be.”

The video had more than 118,000 likes on Instagram and had several positive comments attached. One person said it was “what leadership looked like” while another user said: “Thank you for so clearly standing up for reproductive rights.”

This new video from Trudeau comes almost two weeks after the original clip went viral. It was a pretty different video, as it appears to have been filmed in the street and seems unscripted.

It looks like it was filmed by an external party, while Trudeau faced someone who describes themselves as “more PPC” – that’s the name of the People’s Party of Canada, a right-wing populist group.

Amid their discussion where the anonymous young man says he is against abortion, Trudeau asked: “You think women should have the right to choose what happens to their bodies?”

The man replied: “Personally, no.”

“You think you should be able to choose what happens to their bodies?” The prime minister added.

The man responded: “I think if they’re sleeping around, they shouldn’t be allowed to abort a baby, personally.”

“Wow,” Trudeau replied. “Wow.”

He said he’s pro-life – although he claimed to be “50-50” when it came to whether women should get an abortion if they’re raped.

“It sounds like you need to do a little more thinking,” Trudeau concluded. “And a little more praying on it as well.”


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