Kanye West Booed As He Reveals He 'Would Have Voted For Donald Trump'

'I told y'all I didn't vote, right?'

Even Kanye West’s fans have a breaking point, as he discovered when he was booed for revealing his support for US president-elect Donald Trump during a concert on Thursday (17 November).

Kanye, of course, has never been afraid of expressing his opinion, now matter how controversial it might be, whether he’s discussing politics, the music industry or, indeed, his own greatness.

However, his fans clearly felt he crossed a line when he revealed not only had he not voted in the recent election, he’d have backed polarising Republican candidate Donald Trump if he had.

<strong> Kanye West</strong>
Kanye West
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He told his audience in San Jose: “I said something that was kind of politically... correct. I told y’all I didn’t vote, right?

“What I didn’t tell you… I guess I told you… but If I were to have voted I would have voted on Trump.”

<strong>Donald Trump</strong>
Donald Trump
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One audience member, who was live-tweeting the concert, went on to share several other statements he made about politics during the show:

Kanye previously included Donald Trump as one of the 12 celebrities whose likenesses featured in the bed scene of his ‘Famous’ music video, where a wax figure of the businessman-turned-president-elect lay among stars like Caitlyn Jenner, Rihanna and, notoriously, Taylor Swift.

He told Vanity Fair shortly before the video debuted online: “It’s not in support or anti any of [the people in the video], it’s a comment on fame.”

The ‘Bound 2’ rapper previously revealed his own political ambitions during his lengthy acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2015, during which he revealed his intention to run to be POTUS in 2020.

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