18/01/2017 07:50 GMT | Updated 18/01/2017 11:09 GMT

Katie Hopkins 'Bikers 4 Trump' Tweet Picture Is Three Years Old


Katie Hopkins hasn’t hidden the fact she’s a fan of Donald Trump but her latest enthusiastic tweeting has been exposed as stretching the truth more than a little.

The Daily Mail columnist posted a picture that has been doing the rounds on social media showing what is purported to be a huge convoy of bikers on their way to the inauguration of the President-Elect on Friday.

Apart from the imagery summoned by “leathers & vaseline”, there is one major thing wrong with the photo - it’s at least three-years-old.

Either the bikers predicted the future in 2014 and have been slowly making their way to Washington DC ever since, or - more likely - it’s another case of the internet putting two and two together and making 42.

As Snopes points out, the photograph originally appeared on the blog “Moteros de Hoy” (Bikers Today) in an article about safety whilst riding in large groups.

There is actually a group called “Bikers 4 Trump” whose leader, Chris Cox, has promised a “wall of meat” to guard against protestors on Friday.

A few people still fell for the meme:

And then there was this:



Hopkins caused another furore earlier this month when, after claiming racial profiling is a good thing, she retweeted a white nationalist account featuring a Nazi swastika.


She later deleted the tweet.