04/02/2018 15:50 GMT | Updated 04/02/2018 18:48 GMT

Katie Hopkins Collapses In South Africa, Blames It On Ketamine

Professional provocateur tweets cryptic explanation.

Katie Hopkins has tweeted a shocking photo of herself lying on a road in South Africa being attended to by medics.

The controversial former-columnist can be seen receiving an injection and oxygen while face down.

Hopkins offered a cryptic explanation for the picture, tweeting: ”(ketamine 1 / Hopkins 0)”. HuffPost UK has contacted the former Apprentice candidate for further comment.

UPDATE: Hopkins later tweeted saying she received “medical ketamine for a serious dislocation”.

Hopkins - who suffers from epilepsy - is apparently in South Africa researching the plight of white farmers in the country and has indulged in edgy photoshoots, according to her Twitter account.

But her claims that white farmers are being systematically murdered is not backed up by reliable data.

According to an analysis by the BBC, it is not possible to say if, of the 19,016 murders in South Africa in 2016-17, a disproportionate number were white farmers.

Hopkins is working on a crowd-funded project after she lost her regular job as a columnist. 

In November it was announced Hopkins will no longer write for MailOnline after her contract was not renewed by “mutual consent”.

Last year, MailOnline was forced to pay £150,000 in damages after she wrote a string of mistruths and defamatory claims about a British Muslim family barred from travelling to the United States.

It was the end of a rough 12 months for Hopkins - in March, Hopkins lost a Twitter libel case against food blogger Jack Monroe. 

Monroe won £24,000 in damages, while Hopkins was ordered to pay both her own and Monroe’s legal bills, a figure some experts say could exceed £300,000.

The action was over a tweet sent by Hopkins in 2015 which falsely implied Monroe had either vandalised a war memorial or had condoned the act.

Then in May she lost her LBC show after she tweeted remarks in the wake of the Manchester bombing that some interpreted as calls for ethnic cleansing.