08/03/2021 14:31 GMT | Updated 08/03/2021 14:34 GMT

Katie Price's Reaction To Drag Race UK Star's Impression Of Her Is Gloriously Katie Price

It turns Pricey's daughter Bunny has also got her mum down to a tee.

Bimini Bon Boulash’s performance as Katie Price has been one of the undoubted highlights of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK so far, and now we’ve finally got to hear what the woman herself makes of it all. 

Katie has uploaded a YouTube video of herself reacting to the queen’s impression of her during the Snatch Game episode last month, and the whole thing is gloriously Pricey. 

In the video, Katie is seen sat in front of her laptop with daughter Bunny and son Jett as they watch Bimini’s Bafta-approved performance on the hit BBC Three series. 


She then tries to get Bunny and Jett to do impressions of her, repeating her famous catchphrase, “Never underestimate the Pricey.”

And it turns out her six-year-old daughter has got her mum down to a tee as well, perfectly capturing her KP’s mannerisms. 

Katie then says of Bimini: “I think that was fantastic. And [Bimini] is right, I can take the piss out of myself and I do. But I think [they have] done a good job. I’d love to go on that show.

“Like you say, if you can’t take the piss out of yourself, who can you take the piss out of? So I think that’s really good, and it’s quite iconic to know that someone wanted to dress up as me. 

“I’d love to meet them and do a dress up, [them] do me and me give [them] tips and stuff. So thank you so much, I loved it, loved it, loved it.”

Bimini Bon Boulash on Snatch Game

Bunny then interjects, saying: “Guys, if mum was on the show, I know who she’d dress up as,” before naming Katie’s boyfriend Carl Woods

“That could be interesting, a woman dressing up as a man,” Katie agrees, before Bunny starts impersonating them both. 

“Are you taking the mick? Right you’re getting in the bath,” she teases. 

Bimini was made up to see Katie’s video, sharing a link to it on Twitter. 

“Ahhhh I love you @KatiePrice!!!!” they tweeted. 

After the show aired, Bimini was sure to reiterate that the impression was done with a lot of love. 

They tweeted: “I also ADORE AND LOVE @KatiePrice and I always have. She’s an absolute icon and I hope I did her proud.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race continues on Thursday, with the new episode available to stream on BBC Three from 7pm.