Katie Price's Son, Junior, Quizzes Her About Peter Andre Divorce On 'Loose Women'

Never underestimate The Pricey... or her kids, clearly.

Katie Price was put on the spot by her 10-year-old son, Junior, during Friday’s (25 March) ‘Loose Women’, when he quizzed her about her divorce from his father, Peter Andre.


The former glamour model’s son and daughter appeared with her during a special episode of the panel show called ‘Loose Women And Kids’, where the presenting team’s children were invited to join them for the day, discussing a variety of topics.

However, during the show it emerged there was still one thing on Junior’s mind, as he asked his mum about her high-profile break-up.

<strong> Junior</strong>

Proving The Pricey’s children’s are every bit as candid as her, Junior first asked her: “You’ve been married three times, and when you say the words ‘I do, I’ll be with you forever blah blah blah’, and you say you mean it, why do you end up going, ‘you know what no, no’.”

After eight-year-old Princess admitted she was happy with her current family set-up, Junior interjected: “I do like it, but can you tell me why you broke up with dad? Would you like to share that?”

<strong>Nadia's face says it all, really</strong>
Nadia's face says it all, really

Pricey, of course, barely broke a sweat, responding: “I have told you why. I don’t care, I told you why. He thought I was with another man, and when you’re older you can read about it.

“You know what I say, I’ve got nothing to hide.”

<strong>Katie Price's face at being asked about her divorce</strong>
Katie Price's face at being asked about her divorce

When Kaye Adams tried to turn the tables on the youngster, asking him what kind of relationship he wanted as an adult, he explained: “Well obviously I only want one wife, but with girlfriends… say I go to LA and I go night-clubbing. I would, like, get on with some girls.”

To rapturous laughs from the audience, he continued: “Basically, if they’re not the right person, I’d move on to another girl…”

Katie and Peter’s divorce led to a high-profile feud between the two of them for a number of years, with the former glamour model admitting as recently as 2014 that she never wanted to speak to her ex again.

That said, it seems they’re finally ready to put leave their past behind them, with Peter recently admitting in his magazine column that the two were making “progress” with their relationship.

During his appearance on ‘Loose Women’, Junior also made his feelings known about plastic surgery, admitting he didn’t want his mother to go under the knife anymore.

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