03/02/2021 13:31 GMT

Katie Price Reveals She's Been Sober For A Year: 'I've Forgotten What It's Like To Drink'

“I had so many people saying, ‘she won't change, she won't change’,” the reality star said. “And I've proved it to everyone."

Katie Price has revealed she has been sober for the last year, having not drunk alcohol since she checked into The Priory 12 months ago.

In early 2020, the reality star checked herself into the mental health care facility for “severe trauma rehabilitation”, which she later described as the “best thing I’ve ever done”.

Speaking to Fubar Radio, the former glamour model and reality star said she now feels like “myself again”, telling the station’s Access All Areas show she has also been sober for a year.

Noting that her new partner Carl Woods also doesn’t drink alcohol, she said: “I haven’t drunk, since I’ve been out of the The Priory, I have not drunk nothing.

“Now I’ve forgotten what it’s like to drink – and that’s not like me because I’m quite sociable and stuff. And then obviously I was into the coke because I was self-medicating.”

Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock
Katie Price during an appearance on Loose Women in 2019.

Katie continued: “When I look at it all now… I’m a completely different person now. Like, what the hell? I’m actually embarrassed [about] how I’ve acted and stuff, but you know, that’s... part of mental health. You can’t help it.

“I had so many people saying, ‘she won’t change, she won’t change’,” she added. “And I’ve proved it to everyone.”

Describing the difference in herself compared to before she entered The Priory, Katie commented: “I’m switched on, I’m quick, I’m just all focused with work.

“People are hating it because I’m so assertive now. And I’m back to how I was, and they don’t know how to handle me, ’cause they were so used to me for the last couple of years being down and being late for everything.

“And it’s because I was struggling and I just never told anyone, but now I’m on fire. People are like, ‘Kate, calm down’. I’m like, ‘no, I want to do this, I’m going to do that’.”

Fubar Radio
Katie speaks to Fubar Radio presenters Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng

Last week, Katie won praise when her new documentary aired on BBC One, showing her home life with her 18-year-old son Harvey Price, who has complex needs.

The one-off doc followed Katie and her eldest son – who is partially blind and has Prader-Willi syndrome, autism and other learning and behavioural difficulties – as he celebrated his 18th birthday, as well as searching for a residential college where he can live now he is an adult.

Katie’s full interview will air on Fubar Radio on Thursday 4 Feb at 6pm.