19/09/2017 13:57 BST

Katie Price Reveals Her Son Harvey Once Called Piers Morgan A ‘C***’ To His Face

We're saying nothing.

Katie Price has revealed her son Harvey once called Piers Morgan a “c***” to his face.

The  former glamour model revealed the 15-year-old ran into the ‘Good Morning Britain’ presenter at the ITV studios last April, before they were due to appear on ‘Loose Women’ together.

Katie Price and her son Harvey appeared on 'Loose Women' together in April.

Katie told the crowd at her live tour in Swindon: “Before we went on stage we were with Piers Morgan and Harvey said, ‘hello you c*** Piers!’”

“I said, ‘Harvey you don’t know how lucky you are that you can say that’.”

And Katie praised Piers for how he handled the insult, saying the ‘GMB’ host was “a true gent and great with” Harvey.

Following the exchange, Harvey famously went on to drop the c-bomb during his ‘Loose Women’ appearance later that day.

Katie explained that it was her who had insisted their interview went out live, despite producers on the daytime show wanting to pre-record it.

She continued: “Loose Women wanted to pre-record his interview and I said I don’t want to, I don’t want to take away his personality.”

“I said, ‘don’t worry he won’t swear’. He couldn’t have said a worse swear word!”

Katie Price and Piers Morgan

Harvey, who was born blind and suffers from autism, ADHD and Prader-Willi syndrome, appeared on the show with his mum to address the online trolls.

When Katie asked him what he had to say to people who were rude to him online, he replied with “hello you c***”.

Co-host Andrea McLean was immediately forced to apologise to viewers, saying: “OK, we apologise, we apologise for that, but this is one of the reasons why we wanted to do this live.”

Earlier this week, Katie revealed she’s keen to perform a musical number with Harvey during on of her live shows.

“One of these dates I’ll be bringing Harvey on stage. He’d love it with all the people,” she said.

“I wanted to sing tonight a song called Heaven and Harvey is learning it on the piano. So for one of my tour dates I’ll get him up and we’ll perform together.”

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