Keir Starmer Sets Out His Vision For 'Change' In New Year Message

The Labour leader has promised that his party will set out a case for a “new Britain”.
Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer delivers his New Year's Day message
Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer delivers his New Year's Day message
Labour Party

Labour leader Keir Starmer has used his new year message to set out a vision of “change” for Britain.

Setting out his stall for prime minister, Starmer promised that Labour will make the case for a “new Britain” in 2023.

Politics experts say it shows Labour is in “prime position” with more than enough support to win a majority at the next general election.

During his speech, to be released on Saturday, Starmer wishes the public a happy new year, while acknowledging that for millions “it’s been another very tough year”.

He said: “2023 is a new chapter for Britain – with a new King to be crowned in May.

“We must look forward to that with hope. But for hope to flourish, Britain needs to change.

“The way working people are struggling this winter, the way our public services are on the brink, demands nothing less.

“So this year, my Labour Party will set out the case for change. The case for a new Britain. The case for hope.”

Starmer also said Labour would restore faith in politics as a “force for good” and added: “For Britain to become a fairer, greener, more dynamic country – we need a completely new way of doing politics.

“After everything we’ve been through together, that’s what Britain deserves.”


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