cost of living

Former PM also urges Boris Johnson to convene a meeting of world leaders to hatch a "programme of action".
More than eight million households are expected to receive a a triple-digit payment this July.
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"If we think that Putin is a nasty bastard right now, guess what will happen when it’s cold outside," Kira Rudik said.
Students are skipping nights out – and meals – in order to survive life away from home.
Conservative voters in the Midlands and the North also support the move.
"Rich people didn’t get rich by handing back free money that they received from the government," the presenter told him.
The chancellor caved in to mounting pressure over the cost of living crisis by announcing a windfall tax on oil and gas firms.
This would be an increase of around £800 on the current limit.
Ex-Treasury minister Jesse Norman says current arguments against one-off levy on energy firms are "very weak".