04/07/2017 14:22 BST | Updated 04/07/2017 14:35 BST

Kent University Students Vote To Name Local Hedgehog 'Corbyn'

Harambehog McHarambeface came in at second.

Following the “earthquake” of young voters who turned out to support Labour in the General Election, it was pretty clear that Jeremy Corbyn is popular among students. 

But the Labour leader’s fandom reached new heights this week after students at the University of Kent voted to name a hedgehog after the Labour leader. 

The poll was held after the university’s accomodation team noticed a hedgehog in the office garden.  

University of Kent
Kent students voted to name the hedgehog after the Labour leader 

After posting photos and videos of the prickly critter on Facebook, a number of students began suggesting names, leading staff to set up a poll. 

While the names “Picklebum”, “Spikey McSpikeface” and “Bumble McPrickleton III” were all put forward, it was “Corbyn” that steamed ahead in the polls.

Around a fifth of the 250 students who voted opted to name the hedgehog after the lefty politician, with “Harambehog McHarambeface” coming in a close second. 

A member of the accomodation team told HuffPost UK: “We haven’t seen him since the vote, so we hope he’s okay.” 

The outcome of the poll has caused hilarity on social media. 

“At least one Corbyn won,” one student commented on Facebook. 

Another added: “If this post doesn’t sum up Kent students, I don’t know what does.”