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Also priests, nuns and people dressing as a gender "they don't identify with".
By sharing my story publicly, I hope it will help people to understand that families come in all shapes and sizes
Harambehog McHarambeface came in at second.
          Read more on The Huffington Post Following the “earthquake” of young voters who turned out to support Labour in
Overseas students generate £26 billion for UK economy each year.
The vast majority of the British public do not want the number of international students in the UK to be cut.  Almost three
Cardiff Metropolitan University brings in ‘gender neutral’ language policy.
A Welsh university has been accused of censorship after banning the use of terms such as “right-hand man”, “waitress” and
Everyone knows that children's literature can't possibly be high quality, right? It doesn't count as proper literary fiction, does it? It can't make people consider big issues or challenge ideas of genre, can it? This week, the University of Kent's creative writing programme embarrassed itself by its advertising strategy, followed by a series of rather ignorant tweets.