6-Year-Old Brit Tells Donald Tusk: 'I Know We Are Leaving The EU, But I Think We Should Be Friends'

"We will always be friends, Sophie."

A six-year-old has written a sweet letter to the president of the European Council asking to be friends – despite the fact we’re leaving the EU.

Sophie, from London, told Donald Tusk she lives in Britain, and asked for a signed photo of Tusk for her Europe Book.

She ended the letter with three red stickers and a drawing, writing: “I have drawn you a unicorn.”

Tusk shared the letter on his Instagram account with the caption: “We will always be friends, Sophie.”

Many commenters enjoyed the note, with one writing: “Six-year-olds should’ve been allowed to vote in the referendum.”

Another wrote: “Children are amazing, please send her a signed photo Donald!”