Mum Horrified By Kids' Bra Label Explaining It Provides A 'Smooth Shape' And Tackles 'Imperfections'

Florence Braud was shopping with her 12-year-old daughter.

A mum was horrified when she read the label of a kids’ bra, which claimed it provided a “smooth shape” and tackled “imperfections”.

Florence Braud, from France, took a photo of the label from the underwear brand DIM and shared her frustrations on Twitter.

“’Erase imperfections’ and ‘provides a smooth shape’... For a bra 70A in the children’s department...” she wrote.

Braud’s tweet on Friday 2 September 2016 was retweeted nearly 400 times in four days.

Others also commented on the wording of the label on Twitter and tagged the brand @DIMParis to get an answer from them.

One woman wrote: “Not having a big chest at 12 years (and beyond) is not an imperfection, this is normal.”

Another wrote: “@DIMparis Thank you for teaching girls that their breasts are ‘imperfections’.”

The brand replied to some people on Twitter explaining what it meant by the word ‘imperfections’: “It’s for comfort and wellbeing, they want to be able to trust a bra.”

DIM also wrote: “Our feedback surveys show some adolescents can be shy at the start of wearing training bras.”

A spokesperson from DIM told BuzzFeed News: “When we said imperfections, we meant clothing and non-physiological imperfections.

“This is to erase imperfections materials - folds, overlays, etc. - to make the product smooth and harmonious under clothing.”

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