Killing Eve: All The Loose Ends The Series 3 Finale Need To Tie Up

Will we ever find out who killed Kenny? Will Paul be exposed? And will The Twelve ever be unmasked?

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It’s fair to say that the reaction to the third series of Killing Eve has been more mixed compared to the fanfare the first two received.

Some have complained the hit series seems as if it’s lost its way, while others have bemoaned the lack of screentime lead characters Villanelle and Eve have shared.

That said, the stage is set for a big reunion between the two women in the season finale, which we’re hoping also clears up a lot of these loose ends that the last seven episodes have so far failed to answer...

Who killed Kenny?

BBC/Sid Gentle

It’s been the biggest question that’s run throughout series three, after Carolyn’s son was pushed from the roof of the Bitter Pill office amid his own investigations into The Twelve’s finances. At present, there’s not one clear suspect, but our money is on his sister, Geraldine.

What did Kenny uncover before he died?

Sid Gentle Films/BBC

There was obviously a reason for Kenny’s death – had he found out the identity of who’d stolen the money from the Swiss bank account? Or had he discovered his mum’s boss’ involvement with The Twelve?

Who was siphoning money from The Twelve’s Geneva account?


We saw Konstantin pay a visit to an accountant of The Twelve – Charles Kruger, aka. Sergei – who revealed that $6 million had been siphoned out of the account, and that he planned to look into the matter.

The next thing we knew, Sergei – who also had a connection to Carolyn from their Cold War days – had been shot dead by Villanelle.

Later, in what Konstantin believed could have been his final moments, he gave Villanelle a piece of paper with the details of where to retrieve the money he’d planned to abscond from The Twelve with. But what will Villanelle find when she gets there? And will it prove the theory he was the one that stole the money from the Swiss bank account?

Will Paul’s involvement with The Twelve be exposed?


The walls were closing in on Carolyn after Mo was killed by The Twelve having established a link between MI6 boss Paul and the organisation. Will she be able to expose him without suffering a similar fate to Mo?

Will Villanelle abscond?

Sid Gentle/BBC

Having grown tired of the killing game, Villanelle has been desperate to escape her life under The Twelve. But having attempted to kill her handler, as well as letting her last target escape, will Villanelle manage to abscond before either Dasha or another member of The Twelve catch up with her? And will Eve feature in her exit plan?

Will Dasha return to Russia?

Sid Gentle Films/BBC

Having survived Villanelle (and Eve’s) attack on her life, will Dasha finally get her wish to be released by The Twelve and return home to her son (!) in Russia?

Who are The Twelve?

Sid Gentle/BBC

Across the series, we’ve met more people who work for The Twelve, including Helena, Rihan, Dasha and Sergei. But will the series finale finally uncover any of their actual identities?

What is Geraldine’s game?

Sid Gentle/BBC

We haven’t trusted Geraldine since she rocked up at her brother’s funeral and stuck around like a bad smell. In the penultimate episode, it was revealed Konstantin had been manipulating her in order to keep tabs on Carolyn, but we’re entirely convinced that’s not the only purpose her character is serving.

Who was Kenny’s dad?

Sid Gentle Films/BBC

When Carolyn confronted Konstantin about why Kenny had been calling him in the days before his death, he claimed Kenny had asked him if he was his real father. While clearly angered, Carolyn didn’t seem to be completely surprised by the suggestion, which indicates it’s possible that he isn’t.

However, was Konstantin even telling the truth about the subject of his and Kenny’s conversations in the first place?

What’s happened to Niko?

Sid Gentle/BBC

The last time we saw Eve’s husband, he was in hospital recovering from being skewered in the throat with a pitchfork by Dasha. He was left with no voice and told Eve to “piss off”, but is that the last we’re going to see of him? And is Niko and Eve’s marriage over for good?

Will we see any of Villanelle’s family again?

Sid Gentle/BBC

Villanelle spared her brothers Pyotr and Bor’ka after she set ablaze her family home in Are You From Pinner?, appearing to kill her mother, step-father, step-brother and his girlfriend, but will we ever see them again? And with the fate of her father never actually made clear, could he also reappear?

The final episode of Killing Eve drops on BBC iPlayer at 6am on Monday 1 June, also airing on Sunday 7 June at 9pm on BBC One.


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