Killing Eve: 10 Crucial Questions Beautiful Monster Left Us Asking

The third series' penultimate episode set the stage for a big finale next week.

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And just like that, there’s only one episode left in the current series of Killing Eve – but what a finale we’re in for.

The penultimate instalment saw Carolyn lose another of her agents (RIP Mo *sniff*) as she sought evidence of Paul’s involvement with The Twelve, while there were also brushes with death for two other major characters.

Most excitingly for fans, though, the stage is finally set for a proper reunion between our two leads.

As excited as we are for that, we’re still going to need a lot of answers, as Beautiful Monster left us asking a hell of a lot more questions (on top of the tonne we already had)...

What is Helena up to?

Sid Gentle/BBC

That maternal display towards Villanelle was clearly a disturbing attempt to manipulate her – so what does she really want from her “beautiful monster”?

Were the police tipped off about Bitter Pill’s activities?

Bitter Pill was seemingly closed down after a police raid, but did someone tip the authorities off about what they were up to in an attempt to stop their investigation onto The Twelve? Or was it just a case of their search history raising suspicions?

Did Irina actually kill her mum’s boyfriend?

Having mowed down her mum’s boyfriend at the end of the last episode, we met Konstantin’s daughter again after she’d been detained, but we didn’t actually establish whether she’d succeeded in killing him.

Will Dasha seek revenge against Villanelle?

Sid Gentle/BBC

Dasha and Villanelle’s relationship is complicated, so while on the one hand, we could totally imagine Dasha shrugging off her protégée’s attempt on her life before returning to her son (!) in Russia, on the other, we can also see her attempting to exact some sort of revenge. So which will it be? Either way, we can’t wait to find out.

Will Eve kill again?

Eve’s dark side resurfaced when she nearly finished off what Villanelle had started by killing Dasha. While we know Eve has killed before, when she was tricked by Villanelle in Rome, this time she seemed to enjoy having someone’s life in her hands. Could this signal the start of something?

What will The Twelve do when the find out Villanelle let the target escape?

The Twelve already seem like they’re getting pretty exasperated with Villanelle and her sloppiness, so we can’t imagine they’re going to be cock-a-hoop when they find out she let her latest target off the hook.

If Villanelle is still intending on doing a bunk, she’d just better hope her bosses – or indeed Dasha – don’t catch up with her first.

Where is Villanelle going to retrieve the money?

In what Konstantin believed could have been his final moments, he gave Villanelle a piece of paper with the details of where to retrieve the money he’d planned to abscond from The Twelve with. But what will Villanelle find when she gets there? And will it prove the theory he was the one that stole the money from the Swiss bank account?

How will Carolyn expose Paul’s involvement with The Twelve?

Sid Gentle/BBC

As Carolyn noted, the walls were closing in on her after Mo was killed by The Twelve having established a link between Carolyn’s MI6 boss and the organisation. Will she be able to expose him before befalling a similar fate to Mo?

Will Villanelle and Eve finally come face to face?

Seven episodes in and the only scene Eve and Villanelle have shared this series is the fight on the London bus. But now the stage is set for a proper showdown, so what form will the finale take, and what does it hold for the pair?

Did the producers really think Spice Girls fans wouldn’t spot the Wannabe staircase?


Any Spice Girls fan worth their salt knows that the staircase featured in their debut video is located in the St Pancras Hotel in London, but Killing Eve bosses wanted us to believe this was a hotel in Aberdeen. Nice try.

The final episode of Killing Eve’s third series drops on Monday 1 June at 6am on BBC iPlayer.


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