Killing Eve: 7 Crucial Questions We Have After Series 3's End Of Game

Villanelle was growing increasingly tired and Carolyn was looking for answers in the sixth episode of the season.

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After Killing Eve pressed pause on episode four’s forking big cliffhanger to explore Villanelle’s backstory last week, it was back to business in End Of Games, as things got even more complicated.

It was revealed that, against all odds, Niko had survived Dasha’s skewering, and sure enough, it wasn’t long before Eve deduced there was more to his attack than first met the eye.

Elsewhere, there were some shocking revelations for Carolyn as she searched for answers about Kenny’s death, while the life of an assassin was becoming to much for an increasingly disenfranchised Villanelle, as walls also appeared to be closing in on Konstantin.

Here’s the questions we were left asking this week...

Just how much more is poor Niko going to have to endure?


He’s witnessed Villanelle kill his colleague before then being held hostage with her corpse, had a stay in a mental health facility after suffering with PTSD, and now survived Dasha’s pitchforking. Oh, and now it’s looking like he’ll never speak again.

Just what else can the makers of this show possibly have in store for poor, old Niko? And surely this is the final nail in the coffin of his and Eve’s relationship?

Why does Villanelle really want out of The Twelve?

Sid Gentle/BBC

Sure, she’s aggravated by her disappointing “promotion”, but is there a more emotional reason why Villanelle wants to leave the only life she’s ever known behind?

Her hopes of absconding with Konstantin and Irina appear like she’s desperately trying to form her own family unit – but then we suppose that finding out your birth mother was a psychopath who abandoned you, before then murdering her in a house fire, is bound to mess you up a little bit.

Does Carolyn believe it wasn’t The Twelve who killed Kenny?


When Eve visited Carolyn for her assistance in finding who attacked Niko, there was an exchange between the two women that suggested Carolyn believes that someone other than The Twelve could be responsible for Kenny’s death. But if it wasn’t them, who was it?

We’ve been suspicious of Geraldine and her constant longing for her mother’s attention for weeks now – could jealousy have motivated her to bump off her brother? Perhaps The Twelve also knew this and emotionally manipulated her into joining their organisation? After all, we do know that her and Konstantin have history...

Is Carolyn’s boss working for The Twelve?

Likewise, we’ve also been distrusting of Carolyn’s boss Paul, who basically admitted he was a shady character during a scene in which she accused him of being a member of The Twelve.

While the answer to that was left deliberately ambiguous, why did he intercept information Mike had left Carolyn about Kenny’s call log if he is legit?

Is Konstantin Kenny’s father?


When Carolyn confronted Konstantin about why Kenny had been calling him in the days before his death, he claimed Kenny had asked him if he was his real father. While clearly angered, Carolyn didn’t seem to be completely surprised by the suggestion, which indicates it’s possible.

However, was Konstantin even telling the truth about the subject of his and Kenny’s conversations in the first place?

Did Konstantin take the money from the Swiss bank account?

While we still don’t know about Paul’s real allegiances, we know that he has a connection with The Twelve from his visit to Konstantin.

Paul revealed they are looking at who ordered the hit on Kruger’s wife, believing she knew who had been stealing money from The Twelve’s Swiss account. This left Konstantin unnerved, as it was him who was gave Villanelle the instruction.

So, could this also suggest it was him who stole the money, and that’s why he’d been planning to abscond from The Twelve? Perhaps Kenny uncovered this and confronted him on the phone, before Konstantin then ordered a hit on him?

Will Irina become Villanelle’s protégé?


After failing to mentor Felix effectively earlier in the series, it seems Villanelle has finally rubbed off on someone – we saw Irina run over her mother’s boyfriend after Villanelle had encouraged her to do so.

Until now, the relations between them had been strained to say the least, but could this development be the start of an understanding between them – or perhaps even a new working relationship?

Killing Eve’s penultimate episode of the series hits BBC iPlayer on 25 March at 6am.


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