Killing Eve: 7 Very Important Questions Episode 3 Has Left Us With

Villanelle and Eve were finally reunited in season three's Meetings With Biscuits.

After a slower start than we’ve had in previous series, Killing Eve’s third season finally kicked into gear in its third episode, Meetings Have Biscuits.

The moment fans had been waiting for (impatiently, we might add) finally arrived, when Villanelle and Eve came face to face for the first time since the former shot the latter in Rome – and the reunion was as dramatic and emotionally confusing as we’d been hoping for.

But that was far from the only moment that took our breath away, as it briefly looked like we were about to say a grisly farewell to another favourite.

Here are the questions we were left asking this week...

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Are we seeing a genuine maternal side from Villanelle – or are things pointing towards something more sinister?

During the opening scene, Villanelle came across a baby, which she stole to look after, having killed its mother and nanny.

We know already that she’d been dreaming of a simpler life prior to rejoining The Twelve, but we were still not buying this new, maternal side to the assassin.

Did anyone else notice a flicker in Villanelle’s eyes in Andalusia where it looked like she was fantasising about killing the infant too? It could have been an indication that her desire to kill is extending beyond what we thought possible.

What is the relationship between Carolyn and Geraldine really like?

We outlined our suspicions of Geraldine and her sudden arrival in the story last week, but there was a line of dialogue in Meetings Have Biscuits that seemed to reveal tensions she holds towards her mother.

As Eve tried to hold some order to a meeting they were having at Carolyn’s house, Geradline remarked: “That’s the most parenting this household has ever seen.”

While she and Carolyn don’t exactly show an awful lot of affection to one another, the comment seemed at odds with the care she appears to have for her mother.

Could she be harbouring ill feeling about her upbringing, which has manifested in her secretly working for The Twelve? It’s certainly an out-there theory, but there’s a feeling of mistrust we have towards her that we just can’t shake.

Who has been siphoning money from The Twelve’s Geneva account?

With Kenny digging into The Twelve’s finances prior to his death, Eve, Bear and Jamie discovered an account based in Geneva called Panda, named after an agent who was killed by Villanelle.

We then saw Konstantin pay a visit to an accountant of The Twelve – Charles Kruger, aka. Sergei – who revealed that $6 million had been siphoned out of the account, and that he planned to look into the matter.

The next thing we knew, Sergei – who also had a connection to Carolyn from their Cold War days – had been shot dead by Villanelle.

With the trail now cold, Eve, Carolyn, Jamie and Bear are going to have to find a new lead on the Geneva account.

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Where has Nico gone?

After Eve dropped by the facility her husband had been living at since surviving Villanelle’s rampage at the school, it was revealed Nico had actually been discharged and not told Eve.

It was suggested he’s headed back to Poland, but is this really the last we have seen of Nico?

Did Villanelle really not mean to kill Carolyn?

When Villanelle shot at Carolyn’s car disguised as a police officer, it seemed as if she was an intended target, but it was later revealed she’d actually survived, with Sergei dead in the back seat.

Was Carolyn just very good at playing dead (she certainly convinced us) with Villanelle just fleeing the scene before checking?

We did hear Dasha earlier warn Villanelle that her work had become sloppy, and it wouldn’t be the first time she’d walked away falsely believing she’d finished someone off...

Why does Villanelle want to find her family – and what will be revealed if she does find them?

Villanelle’s backstory had remained largely unclear until the introduction of Dasha at the start of the series.

But it finally looks like we’re going to learn more about her life before Dasha trained her as an assassin, as she asked Konstantin to help find her birth family.

Knowing Villanelle like we do, there’s almost certainly an ulterior motive to her decision, but we can’t wait to see what it reveals about her character.

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Is Eve finally realising her feelings for Villanelle?

While Sandra Oh has always played down suggestions Eve has romantic feelings towards Villanelle, those sentiments were beginning to show themselves as the pair were reunited on screen.

The moment they shared a kiss during their struggle on the bus was more than Eve just using it as a way of regaining power in the situation. The episode also saw Eve unable to stop listening to the message Villanelle had recorded and stuffed in a teddy.

With her marriage now seemingly in tatters, is Eve going to be forced to confront her complicated connection to the deadly assassin?

Episode four of Killing Eve drops on BBC iPlayer next Monday at 6am.


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