Killing Eve: 9 Very Important Questions We Have About Episode 2

There was an intriguing new arrival and a bombshell for Villanelle in Management Sucks.

Killing Eve’s return may have divided both critics and fans of the show, but there’s no denying the consequences of the first episode will be long-lasting.

After Carolyn’s son Kenny was thrown from the roof of his office block, seemingly by The Twelve, this week’s episode saw the arrival of his mysterious sister Geraldine, who immediately became a subject of interest for Konstantin.

Elsewhere, Villanelle was busy trying her hand at management (spoiler: it did not go well) before she was visited by an unexpected guest with a bombshell revelation.

Here are the questions we were left asking...

Clowning around: Villanelle did not take well to managing an assassin
Clowning around: Villanelle did not take well to managing an assassin
Sid Gentle Films/BBC

What did Kenny uncover before he died?

The Twelve obviously had a reason for wanting Kenny dead, but it’s not clear yet exactly what information about their finances he had on them.

Could it be that there is something in his work files that reveals something on his phone?

While possible, Eve and Kenny’s editor at Bitter Pill, Jamie, can’t seem to work together properly just yet, so it could be a while before these two pieces of the puzzle lock into place.

Does Kenny’s girlfriend know more than she’s letting on?

Sid Gentle Films/BBC

While going through his phone, Eve uncovered the fact Kenny had been dating one of his colleagues, Audrey, before his death, and we later saw her paying an unexplained visit to Carolyn.

Could Kenny have confided in her about what he’d found out about The Twelve before he died? And if so, is Audrey in danger?

Who was the woman in the front seat of Konstantin’s car?

There was a very deliberate reason why we did not see the face of the woman who was sent by The Twelve to pick up Konstantin, and he seemingly didn’t either.

However, we couldn’t help but notice that, from the back, she bore more than a passing resemblance to Carolyn’s daughter Geraldine. We also picked up on the fact she was wearing gold stud earrings, just like the ones Geraldine was seen wearing in a later scene.

We were immediately suspicious of her after she arrived for her brother’s funeral, and given the fact she has never been mentioned before, there’s definitely a reason she has been introduced. Could she be connected to The Twelve?

Is this why Konstantin tracked Geraldine down and bugged her?

Sid Gentle/BBC

We believe that Konstantin may have also realised Geraldine was the woman in his car, and that would explain why he later tracked her down to “bump into” her and give her the bugged magnet.

Which estate agents do The Twelve use?

Seriously, they have some incredible properties. Villanelle’s latest pad in Barcelona may well be our favourite yet.

Will Villanelle face consequences for killing Felix?

After Villanelle was charged with mentoring an up-and-coming assassin, Felix, in a bid to climb higher up the organisation, she quickly decided that “management sucks” and shot him dead.

Will Dasha and The Twelve tolerate her killing their own? Or could her recklessness cause another incident between Dasha and Villanelle? Speaking of which...

Is Villanelle secretly plotting revenge on Dasha?

Sid Gentle Films/BBC

After Konstantin turned up uninvited at Villanelle’s place to inform her that Eve is still alive, he referenced Vilanelle’s history with Dasha.

Konstantin revealed that Villanelle had previously promised to kill Dasha if she ever saw her again, asking her if she still trusted Dasha “after what she did” to her.

Could it be that Villanelle is actually playing a long game with Dasha and is secretly plotting her downfall?

And we’ll ask again: What exactly happened between them in the past?

What has Villanelle got in store for Eve?

Now that she knows Eve is still alive, we can’t imagine it will be long before Villanelle is heading back to London...

Why did Carolyn’s line about her blouse being wrongly buttoned cut so deep?

Sid Gentle Films/BBC

Maybe it’s because we haven’t got dressed properly in a month so can relate, or maybe it’s because watching Carolyn try to grieve with a stiff upper lip is weirdly emotional. Either way, this line definitely stuck out to us.

Episode three of Killing Eve drops on BBC iPlayer next Monday at 6am.


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