Killing Eve: 7 Very Important Questions Episode 4 Left Us With

Warning, this contains some serious spoilers from season three's Still Got It.

Well, if you thought Kenny’s death in Killing Eve was sudden and brutal, it had nothing on the shock demise of Eve Polastri’s husband Niko.

In jaw-dropping scenes from the third season’s fourth episode, Still Got It, Niko took a pitchfork to the throat, just as looked like there was hope for his and Eve’s marriage.

It was the dastardly plan of Villanelle’s handler, Dasha, who sought to drive a wedge between her protégée and the former MI6 agent.

Niko was killed off in Killing Eve's latest episode
Niko was killed off in Killing Eve's latest episode
Sid Gentle/BBC

Setting Villanelle up as Niko’s killer with a note carrying the message “Still got it” attached to the pitchfork, Dasha is now hoping Eve forgets about Villanelle and the assassin now focuses on her work, therefore relinquishing Dasha from The Twelve – but something tells us it’s not going to work out quite as neatly as that.

With the turn of events sure to have ramifications for the rest of the series – and beyond – these were the questions we were left asking as the credits rolled...

First off, we’re asking again – what is Geraldine up to?

Sid Gentle/BBC

Our suspicions about Carolyn’s daughter Geraldine have been growing for weeks now, but Still Got It delivered yet more hints that she is hiding something, with some telling dialogue between mother and daughter.

“I get up to all sorts of stuff,” Geraldine purred, as Carolyn arrived home unexpectedly.

We certainly were not buying that pathetic attempt to get Carolyn’s attention, either – so when are we going to find out what her game is?

Why doesn’t Dasha want Villanelle seeing Konstantin?

Is it just a case of handler rivalry, or is it because Villanelle’s relationship with Konstantin could affect her chances of being released by The Twelve and allowed to return to Russia?

Either way, we need these two to come together for a proper face-off asap.

How has Jamie been living with that noisy cistern?

Seriously, he wants to get a plumber out asap.

Is Niko genuinely, really dead?!

Sid Gentle/BBC

Given both Villanelle and Eve have survived seemingly deadly attacks during the first two series, you can’t blame certain fans for questioning whether Niko is really dead or not – after all, in the last shot we saw of him, his body was still twitching.

However, his fate has seemingly been sealed, with Sandra Oh – who plays Eve – telling The Hollywood Reporter of his death: “While it was very hard to do, and there are consequences after that, it really does continue pushing Eve’s character and storyline into very different places.”

Which begs the question...

What will Eve do next?

At this stage in the game, Eve now has nowhere to live, no proper job and no husband. With nothing left to lose, are we about to see an even darker side to Eve?

And what will Villanelle do when she finds out what Dasha has done?

Sid Gentle/BBC

Either she’s going to feel like Dasha has done her a favour, or more likely, she’s going to go absolutely nuclear.

We know that things didn’t end well between them last time, and at points, we’ve questioned whether Villanelle is actually playing the long game with Dasha.

If this has been the case, discovering what she has done to Niko could certainly be the catalyst for Villanelle exacting any possible revenge plan.

Is Villanelle about to meet her family?

After enlisting Konstantin to find her family at the end of episode three, this week, her former handler revealed he’d uncovered details about them.

The cliffhanger saw Villanelle arrive “home”, so we can only assume this means she has gone in pursuit of her family – but what awaits her? And more intriguingly, what has she got planned for them?

Episode five of Killing Eve drops on BBC iPlayer next Monday at 6am.


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