Killing Eve Series 4, Episode 1: The 9 Burning Questions We Need Answered

The hunt for The Twelve is entering its final chapter.
Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer as Eve and Villanelle
Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer as Eve and Villanelle

Warning! This article obviously contains major spoilers for the first episode of Killing Eve season four.

It’s officially the beginning of the end for Killing Eve, as the fourth and final series debuted on BBC iPlayer on Monday.

Delayed due to the pandemic, we caught up with Eve, Villanelle, Carolyn and Konstantin some time after the events of series three, with all the characters in very different places to where we left them.

Eve has broken off from MI6 in her own revenge mission against The Twelve – complete with hot new boyfriend Yusuf – and is soon in pursuit of Helene. But Villanelle’s obsession with her remains strong, despite having apparently left her former life behind for one that couldn’t be more opposite.

Elsewhere, having been relegated to an embassy role, Carolyn is determined to get back in the game, as two faces from her past make some surprise reappearances.

Here’s the burning questions we’ve been left asking this week...

How is Konstantin now a mayor?

Kim Bodina as Konstantin
Kim Bodina as Konstantin
BBC America/Parisa Taghizadeh

Konstantin looks to have finally got his wish to escape The Twelve, and while we still don’t have concrete proof it was him who was syphoning off money from their accounts, he’s now found a new life for himself as a mayor in Russia. But how has he managed to walk away from The Twelve so easily? And who on earth elected him to become a mayor?

Why was Carolyn relegated to an embassy role?

During this episode, it was revealed that Carolyn has now been demoted to work in an embassy role in Mallorca. We’re assuming her MI6 bosses never found out that she killed her former colleague Paul, who was working for The Twelve, so what prompted the move?

What has made Carolyn change her mind?

Fiona Shaw as Carolyn
Fiona Shaw as Carolyn
BBC America/Anika Molnar

After Carolyn killed Paul as revenge for Kenny’s death, she concluded that she will never be able to stop The Twelve. But now we find that despite being demoted, she is now in private pursuit of the organisation – what has prompted her change of heart?

How has Villanelle managed to escape The Twelve?

Villanelle has apparently found God
Villanelle has apparently found God
BBC/Sid Gentle Silms

Similarly to Konstantin, Villanelle is now living a completely different life having ingrained herself in the church under the name Nell, seemingly determined to turn over a new leaf.

But surely she was not just allowed to walk away from The Twelve? If she’s hiding from them, it’s only a matter of time before Helene catches up with her, especially after killing Rihan at the end of season three.

Why is Hugo back?

Hugo was last seen at the end of season two when he and Eve were sent to Rome to look into the Peel family. The mission ended with Eve abandoning a dying Hugo to meet with Villanelle after she had stabbed him.

Having survived, and subsequently sued MI6 over his ordeal, Hugo returned in this episode to taunt Carolyn over her demotion. But there has to be more to his sudden reappearance, so what does it mean for the other characters?

Who is the woman working in the funeral home?

Anjana Vasan as Pam the pathologist
Anjana Vasan as Pam the pathologist
BBC America/Anika Molnar

Eve immediately had suspicions after visiting the funeral home that handled Rihan’s body, and sure enough, it was soon confirmed she was right to be mistrustful as Pam the pathologist was later seen getting into a car with Helene. How are they connected? Has she been recruited by The Twelve?

Why did Pam’s patient have no iris?

When Eve inspected one of the bodies in the funeral home, we saw that the person lying on the slab had no iris. Was this of significance?

Did something happen between Eve and Villanelle in between seasons?

Eve and Villanelle are drawn together once again
Eve and Villanelle are drawn together once again
BBC America/Anika Molnar

Villanelle is so keen for Eve to see that she has changed, and when they do eventually see each other once again, Villanelle claims Eve “led” her to find her, which prompts Eve to slap her.

We last saw them on Tower Bridge together, where they made a pact to walk away and never see each other again. However, the energy between the two of them suggests there has been a meeting or some such in the interim – so what happened?

What does Carolyn want with Vlad?

At the end of the episode, Carolyn was seen paying a visit to her Russian contact and old enemy Vladimir, who she previously framed in a plot involving the sale of plutonium in the 80s. Eve and Kenny previously exposed this fact to him back in season one when they handed him love letters between Carolyn and Konstantin.

Vlad hasn’t been seen since then, so why is he re-entering the story now?

The next episode of Killing Eve drops on BBC iPlayer on Monday 7 March, or catch it on BBC One on Saturday 12 March.


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