Kim Cattrall Shows Selena Gomez Love After Singer's Samantha Jones Homage

It looks like we're not the only ones excited about the iconic Sex And The City character's return.
Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in Sex And The City 2
Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones in Sex And The City 2
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Kim Cattrall has given Selena Gomez’s tribute to her iconic Sex And The City character her personal seal of approval.

In recent history, one of Kim’s most famous scenes as Samantha Jones – in which one of the character’s married lovers phones her up to tell her he’s ended things with his wife, only for her not to recognise who he is – has taken on a life of its own on social media.

For reference, this is the scene we’re talking about...

Selena is currently gearing up for the release of her new track Single Again on Friday, and used the classic Sex And The City clip as a way of promoting her song over on TikTok.

And when the clip came on Kim’s radar, the Emmy nominee was quick to let her followers know that she “approves this message”.

Of course, fans of Sex And The City will know it’s not just a big week for Selena – but for Kim as well.

Thursday marks the season finale of Sex And The City reboot And Just Like That, which will see Kim making her long-awaited return as Samantha Jones in a much-hyped cameo.

Until now, Kim had been totally absent from the revival, although her character still made it into the script through text messages and an off-screen reunion with Carrie Bradshaw in Paris.

It was previously revealed that the How I Met Your Father star recorded her cameo without any contact with her former co-stars or And Just Like That showrunner Michael Patrick King, with whom she worked on Sex And The City and its two big-screen spin-offs.

She was also styled for her appearance by Sex And The City costume designer Patricia Field, who handed over wardrobe duties to her former protégés Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago for the reboot.

The season two finale of And Just Like That will be available to watch on Sky Showcase and Now on Thursday, with a third series already confirmed to be in the works.


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