Kim Kardashian Confirms A Few Rumours About Herself — And They’re Weird

“You guys didn’t know...?
Kim Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week
Kim Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week
Screenshot Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube

Kim Kardashian does not have six toes, but she did confirm a few other details about herself on Jimmy Kimmel’s US talk show on Monday night — and a handful are pretty kooky.

Near the end of their chat, Jimmy decided to ask the Skims owner if a few “interesting” rumours about her were true or not.

The reality TV star was game, and Kim confirmed two pretty banal facts about herself: She knows how to change a tire, and she washes her feet every night before going to bed.

But she also admitted that she blow-dries her jewellery before putting it on.

“Because I hate being freezing,” Kim explained. “And when you put on cold jewellery or like anything with a zipper — I just need it warm.”

OK, sure, we kind of get that, but nothing can explain the weirdest tidbit Kim confirmed — which is that she makes someone else take the cardboard sleeve off her Starbucks coffee because she hates the sound the cardboard makes.

“Yes … and I hate the feeling,” Kim admitted.

She said she doesn’t even like watching the sleeve come off.

“The cardboard getting moved off the cup is like nails on a chalkboard to me,” she explained.

Most of the rumours Jimmy mentioned turned out to be accurate — except the myth that she has six toes, which was at least one thing she was able to debunk.

“Were some of these not supposed to be true, but they really are, and you guys didn’t know?” she joked.

Elsewhere on Monday’s edition of Jimmy’s, Kim did admit that she once made a workout video with an extremely cheesy name. Check out the video above!


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