Kim Kardashian Rocks The Most Elaborate Ponytail We've Ever Seen

If you're not matching your hair with your outfit who even are you?

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to sharing her getting-ready routine on Snapchat, but we can’t stop re-watching a video of her latest look.

The reality star-turned-tech guru took to the social media app to document her glam process ahead of a friend’s wedding, which involved a complicated hairstyle and matching dress (because matching shoes and handbags are so last century).

Kardashian teamed her vintage black velvet Donna Karan dress with a long ponytail wrapped in matching black velvet ribbon.

The sleek-yet-elaborate ‘do was created by hairstylist Chris Appleton using hair extensions and small black hair ties to keep the ribbon in place.

In her Snapchats, Kardashian revealed she chose the look as it perfectly complemented the dress’ low back.

To finish the look, she added a 90s-esque choker (her signature accessory rn).

In the short clips, Kardashian also gave multiple shoutouts to makeup artist Ariel Tejada for creating her subtle smokey eyes and glossy nude lips.

Oh, and for applying a £35 bronzer to her back to make sure that pony looked its best. Seriously. We’re still struggling with getting our fake tan even.

Kim Kardashian

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