28 Times We've All Been A Bit Kim Woodburn While Living In Lockdown

From being argumentative to feeling a bit saucy, we've all channelled the Celebrity Big Brother star in some way.

It’s fair to say we’ve all experienced a range of emotions as we’ve been on lockdown.

At times, we’ve been frustrated, delirious, argumentative, bored, a bit saucy and (most of the time) in need of a drink – much like Kim Woodburn during her infamous stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house back in 2017.

Here’s how we’ve all been channelling our inner Kim (intentionally, or not)....

1. When you hear that friends are thinking about flouting the rules

2. When you justify a lunchtime drink by claiming “it’s 5pm somewhere”

3. When you lock eyes with a hotty on your government-mandated exercise

4. When your home internet speed is having a ‘moment’

5. When you attempt PE with Joe Wicks

6. When you spot your housemate’s unfinished jigsaw puzzle

7. When you hear the pubs may not open until Christmas

8. When you’re at the supermarket and someone coughs near you without covering their mouth

9. When you think about your post-corona career options

10. When you contemplate writing your memoirs to pass some time

11. When you think about that first post-corona hook-up

12. When someone doesn’t stick to social distancing rules

13. When someone suggests it’s about time you changed out of those five-day old pyjamas

14. And when you do get dressed and remember how good you normally look

15. And you then jump on a Zoom call really feeling yourself

16. When you leave the room for two minutes and return to find the kids have caused carnage

17. When your upstairs neighbours are driving you absolutely insane

18. When you’re getting ready for the virtual pub quiz

19. When you realise you’ve been slightly unreasonable to the others you’re in lockdown with

20. When you’re officially out of clean clothes because you haven’t done a proper wash in weeks

21. When an ex suddenly starts sniffing around because they haven’t been getting any in lockdown

22. When a colleague you’ve never got on with is suddenly being nice to you in a work conference call

23. When you realise that we’ve already been locked down for over six weeks

24. When you’re actually having a good day, for once

25. When the neighbourhood loudmouth is out in their garden discussing their business for all to hear

26. When you get off a two-hour Zoom call with one of your oldest mates

27. When you’ve finally put a cloth around the bathroom after weeks of putting off cleaning it

28. When we finally come out of the lockdown


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