28/02/2017 09:42 GMT | Updated 28/02/2017 09:42 GMT

This Is Why The Kinder Surprise Toy Case Is Yellow

Surprise 🎉

Easter is approaching, egg-shaped confectionery is all around and we’ve got the answer to the question you never asked: why is the Kinder Surprise case yellow?

A staple treat in many of our childhoods, Kinder Egg is a chocolate egg containing a little plastic case which in turn contains a small toy.

Truth be told many of us would have been so eager to find out which toy was stored inside the case that we never took the time to ponder why it was yellow.

How naive we were. 

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Now, the internet is slowly waking up to the truth: it’s supposed to resemble yolk.

Cue bemusement, disbelief and regret at all those years spent in the dark.