Mum Shocked Over 'Skills List' Given By Teachers Before Son Starts School

Could your child do these things before starting school?

A mum was not impressed when she was handed a list of skills her son should have to be ready for school.

She uploaded it to Reddit with the caption: “I have failed to prepare my son for Kindergarten (reception class).”

The 11-point list expects kids aged five to be able to write their name, cut with scissors and identify colours, among another things.

Not only were Reddit users concerned at how well-equipped these kids had to be at a young age, they were also confused about how many letters were in the alphabet.

“It says identify 30+ letters, aren’t there only 26?” one person wrote.

A pre-school teacher then waded in and said this included both upper and lowercase letters.

Either way, it seems extensive for a five-year-old. What do you think?

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