Royally Candid Snaps From The Coronation You May Have Missed On TV

The cameras see everything.
Prince Harry's face was top-tier meme content
Prince Harry's face was top-tier meme content
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King Charles’s historic coronation ceremony may have been symbolic in all kinds of ways, but even the guests couldn’t help letting their true feelings slip sometimes.

The ceremony was much shorter compared to historic ones and there were only 2,000 guests – the late Queen Elizabeth II had a whopping 8,000 people squeezed into Westminster Abbey for her own – but the cameras still caught the odd awkward moment.

Here’s a round-up of the less glamorous snaps....

King Charles and Queen Camilla

Were they nervous, or did they keep their cool completely?

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WPA Pool via Getty Images
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Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex’s faces was doing all kinds of things throughout the ceremony, presumably as he was feeling...quite a few things.


Prince Edward

He seemed to be having a good time...

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A rogue placard

A reference to the dreaded 1993 “Tampongate”, where an intimate phone call between Charles and Camilla – who were having an extra-martial relationship at the time – was leaked....

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Edward Enninful

The editor of British Vogue was snapped taking a snap – but, to be honest, who wouldn’t be taking a selfie at a time like this?

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Princess Anne

A classic no-nonsense expression from the Princess Royal here.

Jacob King - PA Images via Getty Images

Prince Andrew

A more controversial guest, who didn’t seem to be having the best day of his life.

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Boris Johnson

Who even knows what is happening here.

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Prince Louis

He stole the show with his many faces, as expected.

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WPA Pool via Getty Images
WPA Pool via Getty Images

Princess Charlotte

Not quite the same levels of sass as her brother, but the eight-year-old certainly wasn’t impressed with all elements of the ceremony.

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Prince George

He may have had a key role as one of Charles’s pages, but he still got a little...bored?

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