20 Kitchen Must-Haves If, Like Me, You Want To Cook More For Yourself

Someone please delete Deliveroo from our phones.
2023 is the year we all become masters of the kitchen
2023 is the year we all become masters of the kitchen

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I kicked off this year determined to do better at budgeting and when I reluctantly went through my past bank statements, was shocked to see just how much I seem to be spending on eating out, work lunches, and cheeky takeaways.

In 2023, I’m dead-set on making cooking more of a priority, and hopefully reaping some significant financial and health benefits. My ADHD is a major obstacle, as it means I’m not great at meal planning, lack the focus in the evenings to tackle super long recipes, and struggle to keep track of what I’ve actually got in my messy cupboards.

So, I’m now making a real effort to stock and organise my kitchen in a way that makes both planning and cooking meals feel like less of a massive task.

Are you also keen to cook more for yourself this year? Well, here are some of the cupboard organisers, kitchen gadgets, and food prep essentials you’ll want to have on-hand if (like me) you can never be bothered to cook, but are determined to give less of your money to Deliveroo in 2023.

Simplify cooking multiple ingredients with this clever pan
I very quickly get overwhelmed in the kitchen, so I love the idea of this compartmented pan. It works for for way more than just breakfast fryups, and it’ll leave me with considerably less washing up. Plus, once you’ve detached the handle, the pan itself is completely oven-safe.
Ensure no ingredients go to waste with this clever bag re-sealer
I find it far easier to pull together a shopping list when my cupboards are organised, so this mini re-sealer has been great for making sure I’ve got no cupboard spillages, and can always see how much of everything I have left.
This bestselling 12-in-1 vegetable chopper has changed my life
After a long day, the last thing I want to do is stand and chop endless vegetables. So I bought this chopper just before Christmas, and I can safely say it was worth the money. It comes with loads of different blades, and I’m yet to find a vegetable it can’t dice or slice.
Invest in an air fryer if you’re keen to cook with less oil this year
If you like the idea of whipping up delicious and comforting meals in half the time they’d take in the oven – and using far less oil and energy – then an air fryer is a worthwhile investment. This bestselling one has a square-shaped basket that serves up to five people, and 13 one-touch functions.
These glass containers are leak-free and perfect for lunch leftovers
Swap buying lunch at work for bringing in a portion of last-night’s leftovers with these perfectly sized containers. Made from sturdy glass that won’t stain like your plastic Tupperware, these three microwave-safe food containers are also fully leak-proof, thanks to their clever snap lock lids.
Swap the clunky metal masher for this space-saving silicone alternative
There was a solid period of time at university when a potato masher was so deeply wedged in one of the kitchen drawers that we literally couldn’t get it open for weeks. This experience has clearly scarred me, so I’m determined to keep cutlery drawer blockages firmly in the past by swapping to this compact one that has a collapsible nylon mashing plate.
Cupboard organisers make it far easier to see what I’ve got to work with
When you’ve got a well-stocked cupboard, it’s far easier to come up with meal ideas, and find what you need when you’re cooking. Tiered storage solutions like this one are great, as you can actually see every jar or tin you’ve got. Plus, the drawer is ideal for stock cubes.
And I keep a lazy susan on my countertop for essentials like oils
Sometimes you’ve gotta fake it till you make it, and having this Lazy Susan on my countertop is a prime example of me doing just that. I keep my oils and favourite herbs and spices on it, and love that it not only looks really professional, but keeps those frequently used ingredients in easy grabbing distance when I’m cooking.
These mini tubs of pre-chopped ingredients save me so much time
More sophisticated cooks often find these pre-chopped jars a crime against cooking – but personally, the thought of having to finely and intricately dice garlic, ginger or a chilli fills me with so much dread that these jars are worth it. They last ages in the fridge, and save me a lot of time and unnecessary stress.
Nail steamed vegetables and slow cooked stews with this 7-in-1 Instant Pot
As well as functioning as a pressure cooker, yoghurt maker, steamer, and more, this Instant Pot is also an amazing slow cooker. If, like me, you’d rather do your cooking in the morning than the evening, then a slow cooker is a great appliance to have.
Store leftover sauces and broths in these large silicone freezer trays
A real game changer for me in the kitchen has definitely been making any soups, broths, and pasta sauces in bulk – rather than for just the meal I’m eating that day. I portion the liquid into these two silicone mould trays, attach the lids, and keep them in the freezer for those days when I can’t face getting out the chopping board, and just want an easy meal.
Use a meat thermometer to ensure your meals are properly cooked
Far easier than constantly cutting into your food, this handy thermometer will let you know the temperature of your meat within seconds, which is just the peace of mind you’ll need if (like me) you aren’t a particularly confident cook.
These special scissors make cutting fresh herbs a breeze
As soon as I see fresh herbs mentioned on a recipe, I’m typically not making it, as I just find them so annoying to cut. But I’m determined to up my seasoning game, so I reckon these herb scissors are going to really help me out.
Keep utensils and pot lids clean and close by with this handy countertop holder
I find it pretty stressful keeping tabs on where my utensils are when I’m cooking, and always end up having to use far more than necessary. This pot lid holder and utensil rest looks super stylish, helps ensure I always know where everything is, and means my kitchen surfaces get far less messy.
This cute oil dispenser comes with a silicone dispenser brush
Olive oil is expensive, and I always end up accidentally using far too much of it. But with this handy 2-in-1 glass container and dispenser, you can see on the scale how much oil you’re using as soon as you squeeze the dropper. Plus, the handy silicone brush makes distributing it evenly over your food much easier.
Swap the pricey brunch for perfecting your own avocado toast with this gadget
Even when wrapped in plastic, half of an avocado won't stay fresh in the fridge for more than a few hours – so I always order it when out for brunch, but never make it myself as it feels wasteful to throw half away. But with this clever container, my avocado halves stay fresh in the fridge for a good couple of days.
Enjoy fluffy rice in ten minutes with this clever microwave cooker
This genius kit contains a colander for washing your rice before it’s cooked, a handy measuring cup, a 2-litre cooking pot that’ll give you perfect microwave grains in just ten minutes, and a multipurpose paddle that can be used as a pot handle, as well as a fluffing and serving spoon.
Buying a good Y-shaped peeler has really sped up my vegetable prep
Swapping out my classic Lancashire peeler for a Y-shaped one has made prepping potatoes and carrots far less of a faff. This bestselling one has a sharp stainless steel blade that’ll glide easily, as well as a comfortable non-slip handle and built-in potato eyer.
Easily measure out ingredients with this adjustable spoon
To avoid constantly having to root around in my cutlery drawer for the right sized measuring spoon, I bought this clever adjustable one instead. It’s suitable for both wet and dry ingredients, and you simply slide the handle to adjust the measurement.
This magnetic shopping list and meal planner is really handy
If you’re determined to cook more for yourself this year, then pop this magnetic meal planner on your fridge to help you keep track of what you’re eating and when, and anything you need to pick up from the shops. It’s available in two different sizes, and 10 different colours, and also comes with four dry-wipe pens and a handy eraser.