18 Hacks For Organising Your Fridge And Saving On The Food Shop

Trust me, a well-organised fridge will change your life and bank balance.
All the simple storage solutions you need to sort out your fridge
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All the simple storage solutions you need to sort out your fridge

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Finally fed up with the state of my fridge, I decided last weekend that something really needed to be done about it. So I cleared it out, gave it a good clean (a disgusting task), and hit up Amazon for some storage solutions. And I can honestly say that the results have changed my life!

Now I can now easily keep track of what I’ve actually got, and as a result, am throwing far less food away, and saving money on my food shops. Plus, it’s just so much easier to keep my fridge clean now that I’ve got a properly organised system in place.

I’m not one to gatekeep, so here are the bits and bobs I bought so you can hop on the organised fridge hype, too.

A set of different sized storage bins with lids
If you’re giving your fridge an organisational make-over, then some different sized plastic storage bins need to be right at the top of your list. These ones all come with lids, stack easily on top of each other, and are completely see-through.
And these thinner ones designed to keep fruit and veggies fresh
Designed with fruits and vegetables in mind, these slim storage bins all have drain plates that’ll help keep all produce fresh. They come in a pack of three, and all have lids that tightly seal shut.
These mini containers for your cheese and meat cuts
These slimline pockets are the perfect size for storing those packet slices of ham and cheese that fit perfectly in sandwiches. They come in a pack of four, have see-through lids, and are also dishwasher safe!
A turntable for keeping track of all those jars
Designed specifically with the fridge in mind, this Lazy Susan has non-slip feet that won’t leave a mark, and will fit comfortably on any standard sized shelf. Use it to give yourself easy access to all those half-used sauce and condiment jars you’re always forgetting about!
These colourful non-slip antibacterial mats
Cleaning up spillages or leaks in a fridge can be a nightmare, and leave you with super smeary see-through shelves. So line each shelf with these antibacterial mats instead, as they’re far easier to remove and clean with some soapy water.
This clear can dispenser that’s helpfully stackable
Capable of holding up to nine standard sized cans, this organiser is a great addition to any fridge. Also, unlike many of the other models, this one has a lid on top - so you make the most of all excess space by stacking other storage bins or food items on top of it.
A see-through holder that’ll keep your eggs safe
There’s nothing worse than thinking you have enough eggs left for an omelette, only to open the cardboard box and discover you’re one short. So decant them into this stackable see-through container that’ll keep up to twelve eggs cosy and safe.
These pretty pastel under-shelf organisers
Utilise the gap under your shelves with these clip-on organisers that can also be expanded to double their original size. There are four in the set, and they come in pretty pastel colours that’ll look super cute in any fridge.
Or this pair of see-through drawers that slide out
Fancy increasing your fridge capacity by up to 50%? These under-shelf storage bins are super easy to install, slide out like proper drawers, and come with handy removable dividers so you can separate up the space.
This cute and clever cheese container
If you’re a cheese fiend, then this container is exactly what you need for storing all your favourite fromages! As well as looking great, it comes with a removable tray so you can easily stack your different cheeses.
A clip-on wire shelf that holds up to three wine bottles
Unless you’ve been blessed with a funky modern fridge, your fridge most likely doesn’t have a fitted rack for storing your favourite bottles. So just add one yourself! This one can hold up to three bottles, and just slides onto your shelf.
This amazing fridge deodoriser that’ll eliminate odours
Whether your fridge reeks of pongy cheese or pungent blue cheese, this clever plastic penguin is definitely up to the task. Completely reusable, simply fill him with Bicarbonate of Soda, and let him get to work absorbing any funky smells.
These clever produce savers that keep leftovers fresh
One of my key toxic traits is not wrapping up the leftover half of an onion well enough, and ultimately ending up having to throw it away. So these sealed storage containers have saved many onion, lemons, and garlic cloves from a similar fate.
This set of six stackable storage bins
Simple but essential, stackable organisers are key if (like me) you’re guilty of filling your fridge to the absolute brim. These six are all completely see-through, the same size, and offer a great way to maximise vertical space.
And this pair of see-through bins with handles
With their see-through finish, and helpful handles, this pair of storage bins will make it even easier to access exactly what you need from the fridge. You can fit loads of produce in them, and they’re even freezer-safe!
This organiser with compartments for packets and pouches
This see-through storage bin is ideal for yoghurt pouches and sauce packets. Just use the four tiered compartments to sort products by height, so you’re always able to easily see what you’ve got in the fridge.
This hanging rack that holds resealable bags
Honestly, how am I only hearing about this now? Clip this retractable sliding rail to one of your shelves, and use it to hang up to twenty sealed bags. A perfect way for busy parents to store pre-prepared snack bags for little ones.
And a set of reusable pouches to replace those plastic ones
Far better than the throw-away alternatives, these leakproof sandwich bags are freezer and fridge safe, and come in two different sizes. Totally reusable, simply wash them in the sink, leave to dry, and use them again!

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