Kylie Jenner Threw Her One-Year-Old A Party Called 'StormiWorld' That Was Beyond Extra

That big inflatable baby head, though.

The Kardashian-Jenner family don’t ever do things by halves, so it was no surprise at all to see the lengths Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott went to for their daughter’s first birthday.

Jenner, 21, said she had dreamed about Stormi’s birthday party and drew her vision out on paper “room by room” before sharing it with party planner to the famous, Mindy Weiss – who brought it to life.

“I had to go all out for my baby,” Jenner wrote on Instagram, where she shared pictures and videos of the event. And boy did she, with a ‘StormiWorld’ party that took inspiration from her daddy’s ‘Astroworld’ album and tour.

Major talking points from the party included a huge (slightly terrifying) inflatable baby head which served as the entrance to #StormiWorld – guests had to walk through the mouth to get into the party.

Inside did not look unlike ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, with a lollipop-themed fairground ride, fairy lights, pastel-coloured picnic benches and the most ridiculously beautiful birthday cake.

There was also a cloud-themed playroom with a ball pit, giant teddies (which Stormi seemed quite keen on), an enchanted garden with princesses, and a live performance of baby mega-hit ‘Baby Shark’.

If the idea of planning a first birthday party like that terrifies you, fear not. Parents previously told HuffPost UK the smaller the better:

Advice on first birthdays, from those who’ve been there:

** If you must have one, make it a small affair. And remember, don’t over-stock on the salad. Nobody ever eats it.

** Pick a venue that your child has been to before and is unlikely to get freaked out by.

** Don’t spend too much on his or her outfit (as there is a 50/50 chance of them pooping on it).

** Select a start time that fits with your child’s routine – and naps. We all know how exhausting partying can be.

** OR avoid them altogether. Your kid isn’t old enough to remember it anyway.